The Shape of Things


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How far would you go for love? For art? Which price might you pay?

… such are the painful questions explored by Neil Labute in „The Shape of Things“.

A young student drifts into an ever-changing relationship with an art major while his best friends´ engagement crumbles, so unleashing a drama that peels back the skin of two modern-day relationships, exposing the raw meat and gristle that lie beneath.

Evelyn: My graduate advisor gave me this advice five months ago... “Strive to make art, but change the world:” Pretty wise words, I thought, at the time, and so, being a good little student, that´s what I set out to do. As I looked around my world for something to change, I knew I´d been given a tall order. “Change the world.” So, I decided to do the next best thing, which was change someone´s world. I mean, that´s a start, right? With that in mind, I present to you this, my newest work. It is a human sculpture on which I´ve worked these past eighteen weeks, and of whom I´m very proud. The piece itself – him – is untitled since I think, I hope, that it will mean something different to each of you and, frankly, anyone who sees it. On our first official encounter after he asked me out, I coaxed him into eating his first vegetarian meal. Well, as vegetarian as a spinach-and-mushroom calzone can be... Anyway, he told me that for him it was a huge deal and it does mark the beginning of my systematic makeover, or “sculpting”, if you will, of my two very pliable materials of choice: the human flesh and the human will.

Directed by Neil LaBute, White Horse Theatre


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